Tuesday 6 December 2011

Deadbolt gets a new look

It's been a while, and the current interface is looking a bit stale. The new version is fully backwards compatible but things are laid out a little differently.


What's New:

General new look and feel:

PIN Number is now entered on a keypad with the mouse, to make entry simpler:

Memorable phrases can now be masked or entered in plain text, to ensure no typos are made when they are first entered:

New font for password reveal, making it more readable and easier to distinguish between zero and the letter 'O':


This is not live on the actual site yet, however for those of you eager to give it a try, please visit the the beta site for a sneak preview.  Please also use the comments section on this blog to leave feedback about the new look.

Thanks, and stay safe!

1 comment:

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